Merchant Enrollment Guide


Enrollment Request

In order to run Merchant Integration Test, Merchant must click here and enroll for testing at first. The following information must be provided during enrollment:

Login Information Tester ID A unique value to identify Tester
Password A credential to be used for login
Tester Information Company Name

Name of a Merchant whose system is to be tested

Address Address of the company  
ZIP/Postal Code
Name of Authorized Representative Name of the person who is responsible for the testing
Title of Authorized Representative Title of the person above
Acquirer Name Name of the Merchant’s Acquirer

*This field can be blank, if Tester is a third party processor or gateway.
Merchant Name Shop name of the Merchant
Merchant URL A fully qualified URL of the merchant’s website
Contact Information Name Name of a person who will be a primary point of contact
Phone Number Phone number of the contact person. Please specify the country code.
Fax Number Fax number of the contact person, if applicable. Please specify the country code.
E-Mail E-Mail address of the contact person. All information needed for testing will be sent to this address.
Product Information Vendor Name

Name of the vendor whose product the Merchant has adopted

Product Name and Version Name and version of the product  the Merchant has adopted
JCB Recognition ID A unique value assigned to each product by JC
Implementation Environment Information Environment in which MPI is implemented Implementation type of Merchant MPI

*This field can be unselected, if neither one is applicable.
Card Range Caching Whether the Merchant implemented to send CRReq to obtain a copy of card ranges from DS.
Testing Information  Acquirer Bin A value supplied from the Merchant's Acquirer.
Merchant ID

A unique value to identify the merchant.

Use the value to be used in production.

Merchant Password A credential to be used for Merchant authentication.
* DO NOT use the merchant password to be used in production.

Approval from JCB

Upon receiving the enrollment request from Merchant, JCB will review and approve the enrollment. JCB will send an email to the contact person specified in the enrollment form to notify that the enrollment has been approved.

Merchant can use JSTAT for 15 continuous calendar days from the approval, to run Merchant Integration Test.

Merchant can neither login to JSTAT nor run Merchant Integration Test unless the enrollment request has been approved by JCB.

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